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I Survived (And I Might Make T-Shirts)

Shoveling helper
Too cool with her shades and shovel.

So, this is the story of last night.

Harper’s going to daycare 2x/week now. I work a lot, but the flexibility of what I do as a contractor with my own business has allowed me to keep her at home for most of the 2.5 years she’s been on planet earth. It’s pretty awesome even though it can be a crazy schedule to maintain.

I picked her up early to avoid the white death (predicted 6 inches of snow). When we got home, I wanted to let her dad know we’d made it, and she wanted to talk to him, so we gave him a call. During this call, she tells me to turn around, not look at her, leave her alone, and that it’s pretend time. I had no idea what the hell she was talking about until I turned around and saw her squatting. Clearly she was trying to poop and didn’t want me to know about it. She’s in that transition phase of going on the potty some, then not wanting to the rest of the time, and she’s asserting her independence more often.

So as the room starts to smell, I hang up the phone and tell Harper we need to change her butt. I then realize we’ve encountered the poopocalypse. It was almost everywhere, and when I attempted to take off her shirt, it just dragged it up her back, into her hair, into everywhere. Now this kind of stuff doesn’t really phase me, so I cleaned her up a bit, threw the clothes into the wash, and put her in the bathtub. She played long enough to get pruny, and I told her:

“I’m glad you feel better after the poopocalypse.”

Not missing a beat, she says, “No, I never poop on lips.”

Of course, this cracked me up, and as I laughed, she started cackling along with me.

After the bath, I was reminded quickly that even though the kid’s crapping event only happens in one room, it makes the entire house smell like Hazmat needs to pay a visit to the house. But eventually, it went away and we survived poopocalypse. Gosh, being a parent is so glamorous. 😉

I’m sure I’ll be back with more stories soon.

– Jill

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Injuries, Food, and the 5 O’Clock News

It was a good Saturday. I thought it’d be fun for Harper and I to get out of the house, so we started the day with a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts. The one in Ankeny is new, so it was a zoo. I wanted some of their k-cups and an iced latte and I figured Harper would like some “munchkin” donuts. Everyone working was pleasant but it took them longer to make my iced latte than it did to cook at least 5 other families’ breakfasts. We were there for a long time. I didn’t take the stroller in with me, so I just let Harper roam around in the chairs and wave at people. She was a hit as usual.

Finally got my iced latte and realized I had quite the handful of stuff, especially because Harper had decided Dunkin’ Donuts was the place to be and she would’ve happily stayed there for the next 7 hours. Finally bear hugging her to get her out the door, I opened doors with my butt and held on for dear life to the box of donuts, my coffee, and the box of k-cups. Once outside, I let Harper down, but she started running toward where cars would be pulling in and backing out. I shouted at her to stop, but of course, that was promptly ignored. I caught her and yanked her up in my arms before she could get hurt. I put her in the car and started to set all the other junk down. As I often do, I put my beverage on top of the car. Not a wise choice in this case. The cup was a bit more top heavy than I was expecting and it ended up toppling over and spilling down my arm. I was slightly pissed but I chose to get over it quickly. And then I saw that the broken cup had actually sliced into my arm on its way down. Who knew the plastic cup was a safety hazard?

Dangerous cupsAs you can see, it was a terrible cut, but I decided I didn’t need stitches. 😉

We made our way to the Downtown Farmer’s Market and got a boatload of stuff, including sweet corn, cheese, beef sticks, hot peppers, pickling cukes, grapes, South Union bread, chicken breasts, and smoked duck. We also had a slice of yellow watermelon. It tastes exactly the same as pink. Had the guy cutting/selling it not be swamped, I might have asked the obvious question: Then why grow it yellow?

Since I'm not nice enough to remember her sunglasses, the poor kid had to use her watermelon
Since I’m not nice enough to remember her sunglasses, the poor kid had to use her watermelon

Harper got to ride the little train. I figured she’d want to go again, but she wasn’t sure this time. The train lady said, “You can sit in there with her if she’d like that better.” Of course, as I sat my ass in this teenie little train car with my knees cramped up next to my ears, a reporter from the local channel 5 news showed up to record some of the precious moments of kids on the train. Kids…and a 30-year-old. It figures that the one time someone would want to film me for the news, I’d be riding around on a kids’ train. Ah, I pretend to complain, but it was really quite humorous.

After sharing a fresh root beer, Harper and I made our way to Whole Foods. We got several more items, including blueberries, salmon, crab legs, ingredients for homemade granola, some strange yogurt that I’m not sure about, some salmon crepes that I should’ve passed on (not my favorite taste), 3 different herbs (epic fail on trying to grow them myself), more cheese, tofu, lunch meat, and cleaning supplies. Harper enjoyed riding around in the shipping card and got to eat lots of samples. She only had one minor meltdown when we were getting in line to pay. She decided it’d be fun to start throwing things out of the cart and dumped her remaining cheese crackers onto the floor. I was slightly less amused, but I knew it was close to nap time and she’d patiently been on an adventure with me for 4 hours.

I don’t typically buy a ton of produce at the store because we have fresh organic produce delivered each week from Prudent Produce. Best decision I’ve ever made regarding convenience, health, and taste. We go through a ton of fruits and vegetables around here. I’m going to start posting more about what I’m buying and cooking because I keep it pretty simple. I’m usually a pretty busy person and the only way I have time to cook as much as I do is because I make simple meals that rely mostly on the foods themselves for flavor. Well, the other reason is because the house is a mess! And I definitely rely on the convenience foods more than I’d like, but I do what I can.

After the epic day of grocery shopping, I worked for a bit, then decided I might as well make some food. We had baked crab legs, corn on the cob, and pea salad for dinner. I made some mini blueberry muffins and granola (from 100 Days of Real Food blog recipes so full of real ingredients and healthier than packaged). And I made some pickles.

– Jill