About Us

I’m Jill and I live just outside of Des Moines, IA with my husband, daughter, and dogs. I like to write about stuff that I observe, whether it be related to family, food, fun, or life in general.

I work from home as an instructional designer and technical communicator, currently for Wells Fargo, but I also have an LLC (ForWord Consulting) for when I do freelance work. It gets pretty busy but I love what I do and appreciate how much time I get to spend with my Miss Harper, who is somehow now 5!

I originally hail from Iowa and moved back after attending grad school in Ohio. My husband, Al, is originally from West Virginia, so although our lands are completely different (flat vs. mountains), we do certainly share each other’s pain (LOL, like our states are often made fun of and have no pro sports teams).

In our household, we often have random dance parties and it’s always a challenge to keep the place clean. On this blog, you’ll find lots of silly stories, because frankly, that’s just how we roll. 😉

– Jill



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