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I Have My Bag! And Some Harper Cuteness

First Biking of 2015After calling US Airways for four straight days and getting a notification that the inclement weather had caused everything to be slower than normal, I finally reached a real person yesterday, Saturday, 5 days after I actually had my trip. I then had to contact American Airlines, and finally found a real person who was not only knowledgeable, but helpful. She discovered that my bag had actually been in Des Moines at the airport since Tuesday…this is actually the day I returned my rental car, so I’d already been there. I just was too early to know my bag was going to get there.

Anyway, I hadn’t built a trip to the DSM airport into Harper and my Saturday plans, but I was more than happy to drive there if the bag was actually going to be there. I was quite skeptical, but thrilled when the same people who couldn’t help me a few days before knew exactly what to do. And I could even see my bag.

This humor and cuteness ensued:

It was a beautiful day in Iowa, and by that I mean that it was 40 degrees and the hearty folks we are no longer needed heavy coats. So we also got to experience this fun and cuteness:

Then today (Sunday), I got another round full of humor and cuteness as Harper rode her bike, played Elsa and Anna with our neighborhood sign (basically, I was Anna and had to say “ok bye”), and then climbed into our new toy box.

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