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Cabbage Soup

Unlike chicken soup, which has been said to soothe the soul, cabbage soup tends to have a slightly different effect. Namely on the intestines.

I just finished a tasty bowl of cabbage soup. I know that sounds boring, but I like vegetables. Yes, I used the recipe from the cabbage soup diet, but no, I AM NOT following the cabbage soup diet. I tried that once. I was in college and I was trying to impress a boy with how hot and skinny I was. Of course, I was eating so much cabbage soup (and so little else), that I was practically crapping myself every 5 minutes. Turns out the joke really was on me because he thought I looked better with a little more meat anyway. But I didn’t learn my lesson then.

What the hell does this story have to do with anything?


I spent my teenage years and the early part of my 20s trying to be skinny. The fear of not being thin ate away at me like a parasite (or like too much cabbage soup). I worried about impressing people and being the person everyone wanted to be around. As most young people do, I worried inwardly about things I couldn’t control and things that rarely mattered anyway. I wish I could say “perspective” would be enough to get scared, lonely, pissed off teenagers through those years and into living their own prosperous lives, but you can’t escape being a teenager and perspective only happens when you have enough experience to recognize it.

So as I approach my 30th birthday, I am happy to say I have some perspective. Life’s too short for diets and fads and other people’s way of doing things. People worry about getting older, becoming boring old parents, and not knowing what their legacy will be. Just be yourself: You won’t seem old or boring, and your legacy will pretty much seal itself into awesomeness. OK, I can’t guarantee that you’ll be awesome, but you certainly won’t be if you pretend to be someone else.

On to something much less healthy than cabbage soup…my martini. Cheers!

– Jill



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